NEW… The Point: Feature Film (Hello Deer)

THE POINT is a feature film that I have written, and am producing and directing, that is being developed through my label, Hello Deer

‘The Point’ dares to tackle a painful subject with wit that never trivialises the predicament. Acutely observed.”


Film critic and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s weekly film review show The Film Programme

THE POINT is a black comedy drama about Griff, a married father of three and writer, who’s come to a stark and grave conclusion about life. He has a plan, however, he needs help to carry it out, which is where Berry, the owner of a family run clandestine agency, Cripps & Pugh, comes in… can Berry find a way to alter Griff’s state of mind before it’s too late?

The film deals with the increasingly topical issues of mental health, suicide, and inherited trauma, in a novel and original way. It’s a story that attempts to unpack how a man who seems to have it all, can still draw to the most bleak of conclusions, using broad humour at times, mixed with poignant, heartfelt drama, to investigate an all too real and universal truth that affects us all to a greater or lesser extent.

  • I’ve just finished shooting a short film version of this called TWEAKS, with Simon Callow, Dan Skinner and Nicola Wren… it’s currently in post production. More news on this soon…
  • The ‘package’ and finance is coming together very nicely at the moment, but nothing I can make public yet… Watch this space!
  • To find out more about the project, including investments opportunities, or to request the screenplay or brochure, please do get in touch HERE.

I am very happy to support this project, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, we need to talk about this issue more! I think the The Point will bring to the forefront the very real issues that many people face day in day out and help, inspire and entertain along the way.”

KIRSTY WILLIAMS AM  – Welsh Government Secretary for Education

In ‘The Point’, Jasper Warry shows a vigorous talent for mordant black comedy.  In his story of an Everyman looking for an ending, he cleverly combines the satirical, sardonic humour of British surrealism with an affecting compassion for the realities of ordinary family life. If you were to combine the fantasy of Douglas Adams with the poignancy of Ken Loach, you might get an idea of Warry’s ability to conjure, in his own voice and imagination, a furiously funny tragi-comedy of how we live (or not) now.”

IAIN FINLAYSON – Literary Reviewer (The Times & Saga Magazine), Journalist (Tatler, The Guardian, The FT and The Scotsman), and Writer (Tangier: City of a Dream (Harper Collins) & Winston Churchill (Hamish Hamilton)).

‘The Point’ is a brilliant script from an exciting up and coming writer. It is by turns poignant, dark and very funny. Jasper Warry’s Brecon Beacons location is (like Denis Potter’s Forest of Dean) bonded tightly to the drama. I think that if cast properly and funded well, this could become ‘Withnail’ for a new generation.”

VICTOR LEWIS SMITH – TV Reviewer (The Evening Standard), Writer (Private Eye), Restart Critic (The Independent, The Guardian, Harpers & Queen), Film/TV Producer (The Undiscovered Peter Cook (BBC), In Confidence (Sky Arts)) and award winning Broadcaster (BBC Radio).

‘The Point’ helps to release stigmatisation from its shackles, tackling a sensitive, but globally prevalent issue with courage, honesty and humour.  Sympathetically scripted, you’re encouraged to explore the subject from multiple angles.  Brilliantly composed.”

MICHAEL MANSFIELD QC & YVETTE GREENWAY – Founders of the charity: SOS Silence of Suicide. Michael is a legendary barrister who’s dealt with some of the UK’s most high profile cases, and recently successfully represented the Hillsborough families in the public inquest. He and Yvette Greenway founded the amazing charity, SOS: Silence of Suicide, in 2015 after the tragic death of Michael’s daughter, Anna. I worked with them both on a film that they use at events, which you can find out more about here.

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