The Silence Of Suicide: Documentary (Associated Rediffusion/ACP)

In 2015 I produced and directed a documentary film on suicide, commissioned by Yvette Greenway and Michael Mansfield QC, for a charity they created called: SOS: Silence of Suicide, in memory of Michael’s daughter, Anna, who tragically killed herself in May 2015.

The film was exec produced by Victor Lewis Smith from Associated Rediffusion, and Yvette Greenway’s company, Anna Christian Productions, and featured Michael himself, Radio 4’s Laurie Taylor, and ex QPR footballer Clarke Carlisle (all pictured at the bottom of the page).

The film is played at events organised under the SOS: Silence of Suicide banner to spark conversation and get people thinking about the topic. There is an intro and ‘outdo’ from Ruby Wax, and you can watch it here:

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.10.54