TVH Merthyr: Online/Branded (Visit Wales)

TVH: Merthyr is a short viral film made for a Visit Wales campaign called “The Valleys Homecoming”, that encourages ‘Valleys Expats’ (people who are from the Valleys but no longer live there) to come home more often.

Produced by Boomerang and my production label, Hello Deer, I wrote and directed it, and created the concept based on the client’s initial brief. It starred Steve Speirs (Stella, SKY 1), and featured cameos from famous Valleys boys, Hollywood star Ioan Gruffudd, political heavyweight Neil Kinnock, rugby legend Martin Williams and the popular male voice choir, Only Men Aloud.

The film is a mock-umentary focusing on TVH: Merthyr (TVH standing for The Valleys Homecoming), a secretive and clandestine agency who are tasked with coercing Valleys expats to come home more often, using any means possible (non-violent… mostly!) This “MI5/Men In Black” style organisation is run by the hapless but devoted Alun Williams (Speirs) with the help of his loyal agents (Gruffud, Williams et al).

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